Deciding on what to do with your roof?

house with corrugated roofing sheetsIf you’ve found yourself in the position of needing a new roof for your home and business you’ve probably come to realize that there are a few options available.  Some you can eliminate right away because they’re out of your budget range or perhaps they’re not the best option for your climate and environment.  Regardless, you’ve probably noticed corrugated roofing sheets.  These can be one of the best choices no matter where you live or which type of roof you are needing to reroof or retile.

These are some of the best aspects of metal roofing:

Design options –

No matter what you are roofing you will always want to have options.  You want to be able to pick a design and color that will work well with the existing building and with Colorbond you’ll be able to.  Colorbond has a vast range of traditional and unique options for you to select from.  Their product has enhanced flexibility so that it can work with nearly all architectural styles and can be adapted to meet specifications.  You’ll have your pick from attractive and colorful Colorbond sheets that will fit your project.

Colorfast –

Color fading can be a big concern.  No one wants to purchase new roofing that will lose their nice color and fade too quickly.  The Colorbond metal roofing sheets are known for holding their color exceptionally well.  They are crafted from corrugated metal and fired at high temperatures so that the color is essentially baked in ensuring that they will maintain their color and appearance even with age.  The steel roof will weather but will continue to stay attractive.  They will just take on a more matt finish and will lose small amounts of color.  But will still perform the same regardless of a little fading.

Durability –

Everyone wants a new roof that will last a long time.  In most cases this will mean 15 to 20 years before needing a replacement.  The Colorbond steel roof shatters this record and offer a staggering 45 year performance guarantee.  All of the Colorbond metal roofs are specially designed to be capable of withstanding harsh environments including use near oceans and salt water.  In most cases the roof will last longer than guaranteed so you know you are using a product that will last.

Upkeep –

Colorbond requires almost no maintenance.  They will not rust or otherwise corrode and will only need to be cleared of debris when it starts to accumulate.  In most cases this can be done with a high pressure water hose.  If something happens and some of the sheets do become damaged it is easy to replace the  with new ones.  Once replaced your roof will be good as new.  This is a great advantage over much of the concrete tiles that is commonly seen.

Highly resistant –

One of the greatest benefits to the Colorbond sheets is how resistant they are to climate and local conditions.  If you live near the ocean then you are familiar with the havoc that salt can wreck on nearly everything it touches.  Your roof sheets will be more prone to salt attack but should be unaffected by it since they are all exposure grade and created to endure the salt exposure.

Flame resistant –

Fire is a disaster that most prefer not to think about but using materials that can help save your home is a step in the right direction.  Colorbond is created from non-combustible materials.  What this means is that if a fire happens to break out near your home your roof will be much less likely to catch fire.  The radiant heat that can come off of bushfires is immense and these tiles will offer additional protection to your home.

Thermal properties –

The Colorbond steel can do far more than meets the eye.  In fact they can actually help keep your home cooler in the hot summer months and warmer in the cold winter months.  The steel materials used in the sheets offer unique insulating properties that your whole family will learn to enjoy.

As you can see there are more than a few reasons why you should consider Colorbond steel as your next roof replacement.  They are highly affordable and offer a plethora of design features that are good for your home.  The sheets come in a broad ranges of colors and designs so you are determined to find an option that is perfect for your personal style.  When you meet with your contractor be sure to ask them about Colorbond steel so that you can discuss using them on your home or business.